Benefits of Blogging a website

Increased Traffic

Blogging a website increases the traffic on the search engine and more the time spent by the search engine on your website more is the chance of your website coming in the top search results.

Increased Rate Of Conversion

The conversion rate of the website increases significantly with more number of blogs on the website. The company’s that blog their website regularly are noticed to have more Rate Of Conversion.

People hear you

People today discover knowledge online, so the content on the website’s blog will make people hear you.

Inbound link genertaion

With blogging, inbound links to your website are generated.With other bloggers reading the content of your website using and referring it increases the referral traffic and is a great tool for a quality SEO.

Helps you stand apart from competitors

Blogging is a great tool that can be used to differentiate one’s business amongst their competitors and also increases links